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North Mendon/Beaver Dam Expansion

North Mendon/Beaver Dam area is our next stop. We have recently expanded into this area and will be upgrading to provide awesome speeds very soon. Please fill out our petition to solidify the great speeds that will be coming to your area soon.  If we aren’t in your area yet, please check out our website and […]

Smithfield (Southeast) Expansion

Wi-Fiber is now in southeastern Smithfield! We are able to provide amazing internet over here now and are excited to keep expanding further. Tell your friends about us and if we aren’t in your area yet, please fill out a form on our website and be the reason we get into your area!  See our […]

Wellsville Expansion Project

Wellsville here we come! Our Wellsville expansion project is in the works and we are already providing amazing internet in the area. If you know anyone in Wellsville that is dying to have great internet, push them our way. Ask us about our referral program as well!

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