Need Happy Tenants?

Turn up the internet quality for your Tenants and increase your cash flow.

100% ROI

Our MDUs, HoAs, and Municipalities see a 100% ROI in their first year. If the asset is sold in 5 years, at 5% cap rate the IRR is roughly 133%.

Managed Wifi

Wi-Fiber provides a Managed Wi-Fi service for each tenant. Allowing Landlords to turn on/off internet in relation to rent non payments. If the Wi-Fi is not working, Wi-Fiber will get it replaced at no charge and in in record time.

Photo by Sanaan Mazhar from Pexels
Fiber Fast Speeds

Whether you have 10 units fed via dedicated Fixed Wireless Link, or 100 units delivered via fixed fiber line, we guarantee our speeds and services. Base packages start at 200mbps(100/100) and can go up to 20,000mbps(10,000/10,000). Lower latencies mean less video game lag. Higher upload means better video conferencing.

Quality of Experience

Wi-Fiber focuses on Quality of Experience ensuring that when you use the internet it's fast and always available. With local and remote 24/7 Tech support available, problems are resolved within hours, not weeks.

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