Frequently Asked Questions


Is Wi-Fiber Residential available at my location?
If your home is in our service area we can do a site survey to confirm that we can reach you.
How can I help bring Wi-Fiber Internet to my neighborhood?
If your home is not in our service area, we still want to know about your interest so that we can plan to reach you. Please fill out and submit an enquiry on our website and we will contact you when we have service in your area.
What if you cannot provide service at my location?
We provide a site survey free of charge. Our technician will test signal strength to ensure quality service at the time of the installation. If we cannot provide reliable service at your location then there will be no charge for the site survey. We are continually expanding and can contact you as soon as service is available in your area.

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Is wireless internet as reliable as DSL or Cable?
Yes. Our service has the same uptime as any other cabled provider. You will enjoy an internet connection that’s always on. Severe weather that affects power, fiber, and other services can affect our service.
Is your service better than Satellite, Wild Blue, HughesNet, etc?
Yes. You will enjoy an internet service that is always on. Additionally, satellite internet service has an astrophysical problem compared to our service, where the connection must travel over 100,000 miles round trip to reach your home. This causes latency issues to the internet, otherwise known as lag. What this means is that it takes up to 200x the amount of time for your internet connection to receive the data than it does with our service. Satellite also has daily download limits. Sometimes a Windows update can cause you to reach your daily download limit and you will no longer be able to enjoy a high speed connection.
Do you require a contract?
Contracts are not required in our Residential plans.
What is the monthly allotted bandwidth (data usage)?
All residential, business, and enterprise plans have an unlimited data allotment every month that is subject only to fair usage. Super Saver plans have a small amount of data(around 50GB) useful for homework/email not streaming.

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How do I get Wi-Fiber residential service installed?
After you have selected the Wi-Fiber residential plan that works for you, please click the “Inquire Now” button on our website, complete the request form, and and we will contact you to schedule a site survey and potential installation.
What is a site survey?
Wi-Fiber residential service is delivered via a microwave wireless connection that requires line-of-sight. A site survey is a visual inspection from your rooftop to verify a line-of-sight path to one of our network locations. If we can verify line-of-sight then we will schedule an installation.
What is the installation process?
Wi-Fiber Resident service is delivered via a microwave wireless connection. An antenna is mounted on the roof with a CAT-6 ethernet cable that runs into the home and connects to an adapter that provides power and an ethernet connection to your Wi-Fi router. Our technicians will discuss the mounting and cable path options with you before the installation. The installation typically takes about two hours.
How do I connect?
Our technicians will connect the data port on the power adapter to the Internet port of the Wi-Fi router that Wi-Fiber provides. Our technicians will also make sure that your Wi-Fi router is setup professionaly as well.
How long does an install take?
In most cases a typical install will take about 2 hours.
Is it possible to do a self-install?
Currently it is not because of the expertise that is required to set up the required equipment that is needed to provide our high quality service.


What if my current internet service is linked to my phone and tv service?
Wi-Fiber not only provides top-notch internet service, but it also provides VOIP phone service and supports internet based High Definition TV service like YoutubeTV, SlingTV, or similar.
What are my options for Email?
Email accounts are not included with Wi-Fiber Internet. There are many excellent email services available that will allow you to keep your email independent.
Can I use my smartphone over Wi-Fiber internet?
Yes! Simply enable your smartphone to use your Wi-Fi router connection for data instead of the cellular connection. In addition to web, text, and email, you can use applications such as WhatsApp and Skype that bypass carrier networks to send messages and to make voice or video calls. Wi-Fi calling is an exciting new capability that enables phone calls to switch automatically between cellular and Wi-Fi networks.
Can I use streaming video over Wi-Fiber Residential?
Yes! Wi-Fiber’s residential Saver plan works great for multiple HD Video streams at a time and the Wi-Fiber Lite and Wi-Fiber Ultimate are perfect for Ultra HD 4K video streaming.
Can I make a VPN connection over Wi-Fiber internet?
Yes! Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technique to provide a secure connection over the Internet. WI-Fiber residential supports all VPN protocols.
Can I make video or conference calls over Wi-Fiber Internet?
Yes! Wi-Fiber residential service is perfect for both of these uses because of the low latency (snappy communication speeds) and the provided upload and download speeds.


Do I need my own Router?
Wi-Fiber is committed to ensure that our customers do not have hidden fees and when ordering internet service the pricing includes everything they need to get started, which includes a basic home router. This is a basic router and not suggested for large homes. We have router upgrades and whole home Wi-Fi solutions available.
Can I use my own router?
Yes, however we cannot guarantee the Wi-Fiber internet quality and thus Wi-Fi or other localized issues that cause a technician visit will incur the standard Service call Charge of $75. We do not allow Netgear routers on our network.
Why are Netgear routers not allowed?
In order to provide the best Wi-Fiber internet experience possible we have determined through our years and thousands of customers’ experience that Netgear Nighthawks are the largest volume of support issues. An internet industry wide poll has revealed the same as our experience. Not buying the wrong router saves both you and us time, money, and frustration.
Do I need a modem?
No, the modem is integrated into the microwave radio system. We just connect a quality router to the this radio system and then you have amazing internet service at your fingertips.


Are there any hidden charges or added fees?
No, the cost of leasing the rooftop equipment is included in the above listed prices. There are no added equipment rental charges.
How do I pay my bill?
Payments can be made online through our customer portal, through mail, over the phone, or in person at our office.