Wi-Fiber is a premium internet provider in Cache Valley that provides not only affordable options, but also internet plans suitable for any user. Wi-Fiber proudly provides internet speeds of over 1 Gbps with low latencies that allow for great gaming, video conferencing and snappy web loading experiences. The capabilities for high speeds allow for multiple HD or 4K video streaming and large download ease.Wi-Fiber was established after its CEO had multiple negative experiences with current incumbent internet service providers and not having any other viable options. In a way to provide better options that were reliable, transparent and available to more of the public, Wi-Fiber has teamed up with talented local personnel that have a common goal of serving the community with honest internet options that aren’t only financially feasible, but are high quality and able to meet the needs of any user’s demands.

The method used for providing our high quality internet service is through the combination of fiber optic, high capacity microwave and last mile fixed wireless technologies over our own network of base stations. Our service can be made available in many places other larger internet providers are not because of this technology and our local community focus. With this focus all of our customer support is located locally in order to provide better and more hasty service.